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Staff Members

Big Bend Community Action Committee, Inc. - Marfa

(Seated from Left to Right, Monica, Tina, Emma, Lucy, Tita
Standing, Brian, Adan, Gloria, Ricky, Bernie)

Adan Estrada - Executive Director

Yvette Gonzales - Executive Assistant (not pictured)
Bernie Zelazny - Financial Officer/Office Mgr
Tita Nuñez - Transportation Director
Kris Sanchez - Dispatcher/Scheduler
(not pictured)
Carmen Espinosa - Transportation Clerk (not pictured)
Gloria Garcia - CSBG/CEAP Director
Ricardo Campos - Weatherization Director
Jay Foster - Weatherization Assist. Director
(not pictured)


Big Bend Community Action Committee, Inc. - Presidio

(from left to right)
Jesus Gutierrez - Maintenance
Raquel Simental - Dispatcher/Scheduler
(not pictured)
Rosalinda Peña - Center Director
Flor Salazar - Center Aid
(not pictured)
Brenda Grado - Dispatcher/Scheduler (not pictured)


Alpine Neighborhood Center

Mireya Contreras-Center Director (right)
Margaret Fierro - volunteer (not pictured)


Van Horn Neighborhood Center

Yolanda Flores - Center Director (right)
Lorie Gonzales - Dispatcher/Scheduler (center)
Maribel Velez - Center Aid (not pictured)

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